授与偉い (Juyo Erai)

wonderful award

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授与偉い (Juyo Erai) means wonderful or great award and is our way of saying thank you to Johnny's Entertainment and spreading the love of the boys.
Our main aim is to sub variety shows connected to Johnny's talents but a few other clips and videos will be found in our project list as well.

Introducing the team:
Xstal xstal
My name is Xstal. I've been a JE fan since 2005 and it all started with Hana Yori Dango. I've been studying Japanese at my college since 2011, but I major in veterinary medicine. As of right now, Nino is my favorite because of those puppy eyes and those bratty sarcastic remarks <3

Hika (tegohika)
Tegohika de~su, I'm stuck with this name cause I made this lj when my ichiban is still Tegoshi XD so call me hika in short. I'm indonesian. I like j-pop, j-drama, and variety shows mostly with Johnny's guys in it. I love Kis-My-Ft2 <3 <3 <3, Arashi and have started to like SMAP recently, also don't forget NEWS. Yoroshiku~~~

Ai (slant_of_light)
Hi! Just call me Ai for short. I've been a JE fan for several years. I love ARASHI so much then kat-tun, hsj, ikuta toma and the list goes on. A dose of JE a day makes my day bright and colorful. LOL XD I like jdramas too XD Sometimes I might be too random. So bear with me. Yoroshiku~!! ^^.

Irene (irnsnchz)
Irene desu! Arashian since 2010. Sakurai Sho is my ichiban. Sakuraiba is my OTP. Watching Asian dramas is my addiction. A girl caught between the love for her home country and Japan. I'm random but I'm nice! Yoroshiku! :>

Pinnk (flyfaraway28)
Hello! Call me Pinnk! My JE fandoms are Arashi and NEWS (and Tegomass), and I'm mostly fangirling over Ohno and Tegoshi! (^-^) I once read somewhere that, more than anything else, "an idol sells dreams". While I'm not sure how true exactly that is, I've been inspired and encouraged on many times over by my idols, so I suppose doing translations is my way of thanking them. Yoroshiku!

Ami (haruyama5993)
I'm Ami, JE fan for a year now. My main fandoms are Hey! Say! JUMP, NYC and Kis-My-Ft2 but I also go for other groups too, esp. ABC-Z, SZ, NEWS, KAT-TUN and the Johnnys' Juniors. I've done a few subbed Shokura performances already and translated some magazine interviews. I'm crammer but I make sure I do things properly (I'm quite OC when it comes to quality) and pass them on time.

Angel (lalatormenta)
Hi! My name's Angel. I've been an Arashian (Jun-baited :P) since 2007. I also really like Sexy Zone and Johnny's juniors, though Arashi will always be number one. I've been studying Japanese for a few years now, and although I can't say I'm an expert in it, I'll do my best at translating!

Yura (hunnypooh)
Hi, Yura here!
Arashiuto /eighter / hypher here!
A go hyper at anything related to the above groups, especially with regards to Tacchon/Ryo and Sho/Nino, and i have an absoulte bias for Ryokura/NinoAi! <3

Misaki (amnosno0fan)

Gisselle (kodochalover)
Hi there! My name is Gisselle :3
A little bit about myself: I love JE *A* Started with NEWS in 07' and fell in love with other groups as well♥ I love dramas, I love tennis, I love fashion, I love food~♪
I currently translate a lot of magazine interviews and song lyrics for the Hey!Say!JUMP and NYC fandoms along with lyrics for Sexy Zone when they're requested x3 I've only studied Japanese for a few years so I'm not very fluent yet, but I'll do my best to translate to the full extent of my knowledge!

EJ (hsjaddiction)

Ren (kanazawa_ren)
Hello! Just call me Ren. ;) Being abducted by Yuyan at the end of 2011 after watched Gokusen 3. Now, I'm falling in love with Hey!Say!JUMP and Sexy Zone. About ichiban, I can't choose one so I have many; Yuyan, Keito, Yabu nii, Sou-chan, and Fuma. :p All my friends said that I'm a friendly, neat, conscientious, and perfectionist. But my mood can change easily. I'm happy to helping other and see other's smile. So please smile for me. ^^

Hana (hana8796)
Hi, I'm Hana! I've been a JE fan since early 2012, and my favorites are Arashi, Kisumai, HSJ, as well as the Juniors. I like subbing and uploading because I enjoy being able to give back and help other fans. I tend to be picky about quality, but despite the extra work I hope it pays off for everyone in the end :D

Deslycious (deslycious)
Hi, deslycious desu, Indonesian. I Know JE since I was on elementary school. I was fan of Takizawa Hideaki back then, and start to love and support them in early 2010. I love KAT-TUN, Sexy Zone, and Johnny's Junior. Still studying Japanese languange in collage, did some translation and subbing. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ ^^

Hikki (hikkishita)
hi!my name is devi,
i love JE since i saw kimutaku and takky dorama! and know i am into arashi's nino! basically i love the boys from another group too!
i've translate a few book in my own language.i am currently in japan for my studies for 1 year until next year.
i like dorama,taking picture, and of course JE.
i know my english just worse, but please be kind with me.

Racchan (kurakura_chan)
Hi, my name is Racchan. That's how people in fandom call me. I'm a big fan of Kamenashi Kazuya. He is the first idol that attach deeply in my heart and seems like he will also be the last haha... I like JE in general, especially the senpais variety shows. I'm glad to join the team. Yoroshiku ne~

Lyan (kissmegreen)
Doumo, I'm Lyan. I'm still finding my way around fandom mostly through the guidance of KAT-TUN, but I'm also familiar with NEWS and ARASHI. So feel free to ask me anything... I'll be happy to share and help out wherever I can ^^ . Let's have fun!

Muti (mutimutimut)
Doumo, Muti desu ^^ Self-proclaimed Ninomiya Kazunari's wife since 2007 :p Like JE in general, keep changing biases, but my main fandoms are Arashi, A.B.C-Z, Johnny's Jr. Not a fluent English nor Japanese speaker, but I'll give my best. Yoroshiku!

SN (sweenocence)
Hi! Just refer to me as SN :) I'm just another Arashi fangirl and my ichiban is Nino. I like to call him neenz or neenerz XD Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Micchi (ohryouchipi)
Lohaaa... I am micchi, and i am eighter, and active in JE fandom since 2008, and i am Nishikido Ryo's girl who in love with Uchi Hiroki, Kamenashi Kazuya, Akanishi Jin and in kind of hate/love relationship with Yamapi. Currently obsessed with bakaleya6 and wishing them to debut soon. Love watching dorama and absolutely love doing subbing thing, except translation and make kara-effect because i am suck at it. Yoropikku~~

Talia (dancingdogz123)
Hi! My name is Talia. I got into JE in 2010. I started learning Japanese in 2009 and wasn't getting very good grades in that class. Over the summer, I watched Hana Yori Dango and that started up EVERYTHING. My world exploded into J-POP and J-dramas and Variety shows! I don't have a favorite group because I love everyone~ Yoroshiku! ^_^

Chiaki (watashiwachiaki)
Konnichiwa!!! I'm Chiaki. I think my first ever Johnny's crush was MatsuJun LOL. Saw him in HanaDan back in 2005. But I only became a Johnny's fan because of Ikuta Toma. I totally fell head over heels with his Nakatsu character in Hana Kimi (2007). Then I "met" Yamapi and the rest of NEWS. Then KATTUN and other groups as well. Until I became a 100% NEWS / TegoMass / Tegoshi fan.
I hope I can contribute anything or something to the group. Yoroshiku onegaitashimasu!

Cwit (sweet_pleione)
Yo, I'm Cwit, no longer a girl, not yet a woman, lol. Having weird fetish toward Yuto's neck and Nino wearing glasses. Living in a lot of fandom but having short-span attention, which make me tend to get bored often. Though I'm a part timer in this comm, hope I can help and giving something to the fandom. Ja, yoroshiku~

Jovelle (alltimeberry)
Hi! I'm Jovelle! 93-liner, Filipina. HSJ, SZ, and Junior fan. :) I've done a few magazine translations mostly about my favorite Junior group, Travis Japan. I'm not yet good at it because I'm only self-studying and because I'm still attending school, I can only study it on my free time. I like talking to people and make friends. I hope to talk and be friends with everyone! I hope to share all the things that I can do in this community/team! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Renge (renge64)
Mistu (kakuhiro)
Rei (xreiak)

MiRyo (jumplover)
Hi! MiRyo is the name! Currently breathing, flailing, and screaming in Manila,Philippine! :D A cheerful, friendly, noisy,and WEIRD fangirl! I'm a big fan of Hey! Say! JUMP. I also like almost all of the groups in Johnny's except KaTTUN (I don't know why but I'm not a fan of them as a group but I do like them in acting.) Btw, I'm the Timer&Typesetter of this team! Timing is the easiest task in subbing except on timing variety shows that's why I chose the position as a Timer xD Some fun facts about me are I love making fun of my biases for fun. And another thing is my Mom is also a fangirl and a subber hehe :D That's all! YOROSHIKU!!!

Air (airupnorth)
I've been behind my computer just roaming around sipping everything in and basically being super grateful to everyone in this wonderful fandom called JE. So I one day I thought to myself: "it's time to give back".. And here I am helping this wonderful and hard working staff to the glory they deserve! Please have a look around maybe download something but remember we do not own any of the files our subs are our own and we only do have one native language so there may be mistakes.

Thank you! ^^,