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13 May 2013 @ 04:39 pm
You found our little spot here on LiveJournal, how nice! We are the Juyo Erai team and you are welcome to have a look around, join for our files or just have a talk with us..

Once upon a time there was a young man who had a vision about the entertainment industry in Japan so he started a company. Now, this man is over 80 years old and the reason for so many fangirls' favourite boy idols out in the world. We are no exceptions some of our favourite idols were “made” by this man's hand. The man is called Johnny Kitagawa and the company Johnny & Associates.

Our name 授与偉い (Juyo Erai) means wonderful or great award and is our way of saying thank you to Johnny's Entertainment and spreading the love of the boys. Our main aim is to sub variety show files connected to Johnny's talents but a few other clips and videos will be found in our project list as well.

Current projects:
Arashi, J!NS PC CM (Sakurai)
[2012.04.06] Mirai Theatre #001
[2012.11.03] Soccer Earth
[2013.02.25] Generation Tengoku #004
[2013.04.18] Music Japan: Sexy Zone part
[2013.05.30] VS Arashi - Yoshitaka Yuriko
[2013.06.05] Shounen Club: Hey!Say!JUMP medley and Nakayama Yuma talk
[2013.08.14] Shounen Club: Kis-My-Ft2 talk part
A.B.C-Z, Twinkle x2 Star Tour DVD
KAT-TUN Special Video: Game Corner from the EXPOSE Single
JUMP Radio

Completed projects:
Arashi Salonpas CM (Ninomiya)
Ikuta Toma, HALLS CM
J!NS CM (Kageyama Version)
JAL CM - Arashi Trees
Kis-My-Ft2 DHC CM
Pocky CM - Devil Nino Finds a Friend
[2012.02.23] Himitsu no Arashi-Chan #164: V.I.P Limousine - Norika Fujiwara
[2012.06.06] Shounen Club: Sexy Zone's Heart talk part
[2013.02.21] Himistu no Arashi-Chan #207: Yoshitaka Yuriko (Share House section)
[2013.05.08] Shounen Club: Sexy Zone - Bad Boys performance (including introduction)

Potato Aug. 2013 - NYC

Future Projects:
Arashi, Aflac CM (Sakurai)
Arashi, JCB CM (unmei no shigoto, Ninomiya)
[2013.03.29] Music Station: Kis-My-Ft2 part
[2013.04.07] DASH de ItteQ! SP (parts)
[2013.06.17] Generation Tengoku #013 - Shocking Bath Life
Arashi, making of Salonpas CM (Ninomiya)
23 September 2013 @ 07:20 pm
It is time to start this post since we have gotten a few questions, so if you have any questions not answered in this post then just make a comment with the question at hand. But please make sure you’re question isn’t already in the post before commenting ^^,

* Do you release soft subs?
No we don’t. I am sorry but it is a lot easier to distort and change them that way.

* Can I re-translate your subs?
Yes, though we want you to remember we are not dual native with both Japanese and English as our native languages so as previously stated, our subs most certainly isn’t 100% accurate and translating from a translation usually changes the meaning completely. We advise you to translate from the original source (in this case Japanese for the most parts), however if you still feel you would like to use our subs for re-translations here is how you proceed:
Send us the link to the community/journal where the subs will be posted by commenting to this post or a PM to je_mod or airupnorth. Get an approval (this will vary from project to project), then you can start and once you are done send us the link to the post with the link to the file itself. Don’t forget to credit us properly, our translators and timers are working really hard for all of our enjoyment!

* What's your basis in taking up a project?
We do anything we agree on doing as a team as well as anything the translators would like and can do. We believe in liking what we work on so I am sorry but if we are not interested in something we won’t pick it up.

* Do you take requests?
Kinda, you are welcome to request anything you like but we don’t promise we will be able to actually take up and work on the project.
How to make a request:
For now, just comment to this post including the following information: the show name, the date it was aired and who is/are in it. (For regular shows please state if you would like the full show or just a small clip as well.) And if you can, please provide us a link to the raw file.

* How do I join the community?
Go to this post and follow all of the instructions.

* How do I join as a team member?
Go to this page and follow the instructions. We are always happy for new members of the team, so just fill out the form and Air (airupnorth) will contact you as soon as she can.

* Which file services are you using?
Our main services are MediaFire, 4Shared and EmbedUploads. There will be additional sources occasionally depending on mirrors from community members.

* How do I download from embedupload?
Start by clicking the link given (EU), you will then be diverted to another page which is where all the links have been posted. Choose which file server you’d like to use and click the ‘Download Now’ button of the specific downloading site. Then click on the download link given on the site and follow the downloading steps for the chosen downloading site.

* What are your future releases?
In our welcome post there is a list of all our planned future releases (though anything can happen and if someone is faster in releasing anything we probably won’t take up the project). You can find it here.

* What are currently working on?
You find our current projects here.

* Who are the team members?
Our full list of members and a short introduction to each are found in our profile page, here.

* Can I re-upload mirrors?
Be our guest! Mirrors are always welcomed, we do however ask you not to share any download links outside of the community. Direct them to the community for joining instead.
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30 December 2037 @ 05:08 pm
Hi there everyone~!

We’re still a new community but nevertheless, we would like to widen our circle. We want you, or someone you know, who can help us in doing this so. We’re recruiting new staff members which would like to join the team in releasing future projects faster ^^v

These are the requirements we need:DCollapse )

Note: We also accept temporary members or those people who want to help on our project releases but cannot promise to be in the team for a long period

Once we’ve read your comment we will definitely contact you as soon as possible with the information about if we think you’re qualified/suited for our team :D

Not to forget, we would prefer if you are not currently working in any other subbing team, but if you think you could balance both/all, you’re still very welcome to join us!

Thank you so much! Hope we could work well and release more projects with you in the future :D

授与偉い (Juyo Erai)
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31 December 2037 @ 05:03 pm
Ah, we know this is really boring and all but we all need rules and guidelines and considering what has happened recently we would like to ask you to read this post carefully and follow the instructions in order to join this community.

First of all, welcome to Juyo Erai!

Second, we are a community like all others with basically the same rules:
• Please do not upload our files to any streaming sites
Including, but are not limited to, YouTube, dailymotion, tudo, dramacrazy

• Please do not share our links outside of this community
That means no hot linking, please refer people to this post or the community home page

• Please do not sell or in any other way the n previously stated re-distribute or files
Do not tell us you have read the rules or that will abide them in your “join comment”

• Please do ask for permission for anything not stated here
And please remember credit us (for re-translations please read the FAQ post)

Thirdly, follow these simple steps to join this community:
1. Read this post from start to finish
2. Write a comment to this ('how to join'-)post (with the italic words from the 'welcome'-post as subject) including both:
* Something weird (preferably about yourself)
* A random fun fact
3. Click the join button
4. Wait for our acceptance

[Note: (2016.06.28) Due to some unexpected personal issues and massive school work load we're sorry about the slow acceptance (or lack of it). We were forced in to an unplanned hiatus and will try to clear out the list as soon as possible. so please bare with us.
We will send invitations to those who have done everything right.

We're emptying the request pile every weekend (mostly on Sundays). If you have applied for membership and not yet received an acceptance two weeks later, then you've probably missed something. Read this post again and re-do all the steps please, make sure you're including everything we're asking for.
We will only accept requests from LJ accounts due to the fact that no one using a FB or Twitter account have been able to follow the instructions the first time around. So all FB and Twitter applications will be rejected right away.
We will also ban any user who just clicks the join button without doing anything else on the fifth try.

We're sorry for any confusion we may have caused you, we just wanted to make sure everyone has read the post.

Now enjoy!
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