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31 December 2037 @ 05:03 pm
Rules and how to join  
Ah, we know this is really boring and all but we all need rules and guidelines and considering what has happened recently we would like to ask you to read this post carefully and follow the instructions in order to join this community.

First of all, welcome to Juyo Erai!

Second, we are a community like all others with basically the same rules:
• Please do not upload our files to any streaming sites
Including, but are not limited to, YouTube, dailymotion, tudo, dramacrazy

• Please do not share our links outside of this community
That means no hot linking, please refer people to this post or the community home page

• Please do not sell or in any other way the n previously stated re-distribute or files
Do not tell us you have read the rules or that will abide them in your “join comment”

• Please do ask for permission for anything not stated here
And please remember credit us (for re-translations please read the FAQ post)

Thirdly, follow these simple steps to join this community:
1. Read this post from start to finish
2. Write a comment to this ('how to join'-)post (with the italic words from the 'welcome'-post as subject) including both:
* Something weird (preferably about yourself)
* A random fun fact
3. Click the join button
4. Wait for our acceptance

[Note: (2016.06.28) Due to some unexpected personal issues and massive school work load we're sorry about the slow acceptance (or lack of it). We were forced in to an unplanned hiatus and will try to clear out the list as soon as possible. so please bare with us.
We will send invitations to those who have done everything right.

We're emptying the request pile every weekend (mostly on Sundays). If you have applied for membership and not yet received an acceptance two weeks later, then you've probably missed something. Read this post again and re-do all the steps please, make sure you're including everything we're asking for.
We will only accept requests from LJ accounts due to the fact that no one using a FB or Twitter account have been able to follow the instructions the first time around. So all FB and Twitter applications will be rejected right away.
We will also ban any user who just clicks the join button without doing anything else on the fifth try.

We're sorry for any confusion we may have caused you, we just wanted to make sure everyone has read the post.

Now enjoy!
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