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30 December 2037 @ 05:08 pm
Recruiting New Award Givers~  
Hi there everyone~!

We’re still a new community but nevertheless, we would like to widen our circle. We want you, or someone you know, who can help us in doing this so. We’re recruiting new staff members which would like to join the team in releasing future projects faster ^^v

  1. Translator

What you will do: Translate videos from Japanese to English (either written or oral or both)


  • Must have studied the Japanese language and knows how to speak or understand the language itself without help from any reference.

  1. Timer and Typesetter (Pair)

What you will do: Sets the timing and position and style of the text of each line into the video


  • Must have a very good timing and good taste in fonts.

  • Must also know basic Japanese to set each line to its specific timing.

  1. Encoder and Uploader (Pair)

What you will do: Encode each raw and softsub into hardsubbed file and upload them to the community’s dropbox account.


  • Must have allotted time to devotedly encode and upload files despite the long duration of waiting (and to gently point out Air’s countless mistakes =P).

  1. Karaoke Timers and Effects Maker (Pair)

What you will do: Set the timing and duration of each syllable of the lyrics of the song and create desired and creative effects on how the karaoke will appear.


  • Must know how to creatively choose the effects and appearance which are suitable for both the melody and lyrics of the song.

  • Must also know basic Japanese to set each line of the lyrics to its specific timing.

  1. Scanlation Makers

What you will do: Place/Attach the translations into the scans (remove/cover the kanjis—unless they’re part of the picture)


  • Must know how to edit picture creatively and has a good taste in color complements and contrasts—including picture manipulation.

  • Must know basic knowledge in (written) Japanese to know where a specific translation should be placed in the scan.

And a requirement for all: Must have devotion and compassion in working and finishing each project started. Be happy to be part of a bigger team and a hard worker is preferable.

If you think you’re qualified for any of the positions stated above, simply fill-up the form below and submit it through posting a comment. Any questions and/or clarifications could be directed to our account (je_mod) or to Air (airupnorth). Also, all comments to this post will be screened, so no need to worry about your private details ^^,


Nickname (Name you would like us to call you):

E-mail Address:


Groups/Artists you want to work with:

Shows/Clips you want to work with:

Note: We also accept temporary members or those people who want to help on our project releases but cannot promise to be in the team for a long period

Once we’ve read your comment we will definitely contact you as soon as possible with the information about if we think you’re qualified/suited for our team :D

Not to forget, we would prefer if you are not currently working in any other subbing team, but if you think you could balance both/all, you’re still very welcome to join us!

Thank you so much! Hope we could work well and release more projects with you in the future :D

授与偉い (Juyo Erai)
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